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Pre-Purchase Consultation

Most of what you need to know is hidden from view. We can help with that.

$150 - $250

More Information -- See Below
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The truth about new & used pianos

I have tuned (tried) many newly-purchased used pianos that look nice, but have major issues.  Sometimes fixing the problem(s) cost more than the piano’s purchased price.   This is especially true for used pianos purchased/ listed on craigslist.  New pianos usually don’t have structural issues, but salespeople often tell the piano buyer that the sound or touch will drastically improve once the piano is tuned in your home.  Buyer Beware!

Let me be the piano tuner near you that can help before you secure that free piano.

Educate yourself before you buy

I recommend a little reading before you purchase a new or used piano.   The book I recommend is called: “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine.  It will help you identify what to look for in a new or used piano and help you separate fact from a sales pitch.  The book can also help you separate a nice looking case from a disastrous interior.  It can be found on the internet at this address:

Consultation Option #1

When you find a piano that looks in perfect condition and would look great in your home – do yourself a favor and call me for a pre-purchase consultation.  With your assistance I would make arrangements with the owner to inspect the piano.  I generally take about an hour to make a written document detailing the condition of the piano and estimated cost to repair the piano.  I do not tune the piano.  Make the sale of the piano contingent upon passing my inspection.  

Consultation Option #2

All of option one, but I include a tuning.  I can tell a lot from a good tuning.  If it is a neglected used piano, a pitch-raising may also need to be done at an additional cost before I can make an informed inspection. Splitting the cost of a tuning and inspection with the owner can help you lower the price and maybe help determine a realistic sales price if I find problems that needs to be addressed.    You should definitely make arrangements with the owner to play the piano for at least 20 minutes after I have given you the written results from my inspection and before you actually purchase.  You should be evaluating the touch and tone quality you feel and hear. 

Peace of mind can come with a cost, but it's worth it. Let me be the piano tuner near you that helps with a purchase.

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