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Piano Keys

About David's Piano Tuning Service

45+ Years of Piano Tuning Experience

 My name is David Broker and I am a second-generation piano tuner and technician.  My Father was also a piano tuner in the 1950’s.  He was a parochial school music teacher supplementing his income and trying to feed a family of 4 children.  I followed in his footsteps and learned many piano tuning skills and techniques through a long apprenticeship and have been serving satisfied customers for 45+ years.

 I began piano tuning by ear and have moved to the use of electronics when I realized I could tune the first octave with much greater precision.  I use my ears (and a tuning hammer!) to tune the other 6+ octaves because I believe I can produce a more perfectly tuned piano.


I was a public and parochial music teacher (band, orchestra and chorus) and church choir director for many years and finished my career in IT Management.  I am retired and still enjoy music of all genres and especially enjoy tuning and restoring neglected pianos back to perfection.


I have had a successful piano tuning business, and satisfied clients, in three cities: Cleveland, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas.  I am again working my business in Milwaukee after 8 successful years in Austin.  We have returned to Milwaukee to be closer to family and friends. I am especially grateful for the many positive reviews I have received here in SE Wisconsin -- THANK YOU!


I am now a one-man band, but I used to do it all – rebuilding, refurbishing, refinishing, moving!  I am the only employee of my piano tuning business and have the wisdom to recognize that other craftsmen and women I have met and admire in this industry have the facilities and capability to do some things to a level of perfection I could never reach.  You will find their business names referenced under SERVICES / SKILLED PIANO PROFESSIONALS in the menu above.  I do not receive a commission for any service they provide to you.


When I’m not tuning a piano, I especially enjoy singing and playing Close-Harmony Music, Composing Music, and Southern Gospel Music.  I also enjoy the company and patience of my wife of many years, our 2 sons and 3 grandchildren!

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