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Piano Accessories

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Finding Piano Accessories Through The Internet Is OK, Finding Them Through a Piano Professional Is Much Better

(I would love to sell you one of the products below, but I simply cannot compete with Amazon for price or selection)

PIANO BENCHES – Benches can be ordered in all sizes, shapes, colors and prices. It is especially important to match the bench legs with the piano’s legs.  Some assembly required.

PIANO BENCH PADS – Different sizes, colors, thicknesses, and styles.

PIANO CASTER CUPS – These cups (plastic or wood) are placed under the casters of a grand piano to protect carpeting or hardwood floors.  Some lifting required.

PIANO COVERS – Custom made to fit a vertical or grand piano.  Different fabric qualities and colors are available.

PIANO FALLBOARD LOCKS – These devices lock down the keyboard cover to prevent the piano from being played without your knowledge.  Great addition for churches and schools.

PIANO LOCK KEYS – Some pianos have a build-in lock and the key is missing.  I can have them made to order.

PIANO LIGHTS – Many different styles and colors. Some temporarily attach to the music rack (stand), others just sit on the piano and still others are attached to the piano.

PIANO DOLLYS OR TRUCKS – A necessity if the piano is moved regularly.  Sometimes the piano castors have to be removed from the piano.  Some lifting required.

PIANO HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEMS – I am a certified Dampp-Chaser installer and more information can be found under SERVICES/HUMIDITY CONTROL above of from

PIANO CARE PRODUCTS – CORY Piano Care Products (grime and wax remover, polish and Key Brite) are available from Amazon.

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