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Piano Repair

Quality Piano Repair is a Skill Equal to a 
Precision Piano Tuning

$50 for every 30 minutes of repair


I do NOT tune or

repair player pianos

or big/old upright pianos

(63+ in.) tall or 85 yrs. old.

On-Site Estimates
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Minor repairs

Minor repairs are a no-cost part of my piano tuning service here in the greater Milwaukee area.  I will gladly tighten a few loose screws, ease sticky keys, make minor adjustments to a few misaligned parts, re-glue a loose part or two, replace a missing rubber bumper, lubricate that squeaky pedal and give the inside of the piano a light cleaning (with the help of the homeowner’s vacuum or dust-buster).  Let me be the piano tuner near you that takes care of your minor repairs. As a guide – if I can improve your satisfaction and/or the performance of your piano -- and it only takes me about 15 minutes -- it’s completely free and just part of my total customer satisfaction service.

Major repairs

Here in the greater Milwaukee area I come across a piano near me that needs a lot of major repair work.  Usually, the piano needs a handful of parts and a considerable amount of labor.  Sometimes a piano action will need so much work that I need to take it back to my shop for extensive repairs or refurbishing.  In all these cases, I will provide a verbal estimate before I begin. I try to make the pricing predictable and reasonable by simply charging by the hour, but I will need to add the cost of parts, when applicable.   Again, you will know the estimated cost in advance.

Extensive repairs

The following is a partial list of common repairs that take more than 15 minutes and could involve replacement parts:

  • Broken string replacement (I actually don’t break strings. They get rusty, become brittle, or wear thin where they come in contact with the metal plate and bridge pins and they break when tension is added)

  • Tuning pin(s) replacement (to a larger pin size) because they will not hold the required tension

  • Making adjustments to large numbers of sticking keys

  • Replacing a large number of brittle or misaligned dampers

  • Tightening loose action parts for all keys

  • Repairing broken or missing hammers

  • Replacing missing ivory keytops or total keytop replacement

  • Removing lost motion between all the keys and the action

  • Refurbishing and adjusting major pedal issues

  • Reshaping hammers to brighten up the sound

  • A complete regulation of the piano action.

  • A complete voicing of the hammers. 

  • A thorough cleaning of the action, interior case, keybed and soundboard (uprights and grands). 


Again, no repairs are made without your knowledge and consent and a verbal estimate is provided when needed or requested.


Obviously, if you are just experiencing the need for piano repairs contact me and schedule a piano tuning and save yourself a service call. 

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