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Death by Piano!?!

While it is extremely rare for people to die from a piano, it is theoretically possible if certain unfortunate circumstances occur. To date, 26 people have died in the United States from piano accidents. Here are a few scenarios in which a person could potentially die from a piano:

How did they die...

1) Piano falling over frontwards or backwards while moving

2) Underneath a grand piano when a leg broke

3) Falling through a weaken floor to the room below

4) Moving a piano down a stairwell when the harness broke.

5) When the straps broke while a piano was being hoisted by a crane.

6) When a moving man fell off the back of a piano moving truck

7) While having sex on top of a piano that was lifted toward the ceiling during sex.

The exception was the case of strip-club bouncer Jimmy Ferrozzo. In 1983 Jimmy and his dancer girlfriend were having sex on top of a piano that was rigged so it could be raised or lowered for performances. Apparently in the heat of passion the couple accidentally hit the up switch, whereupon the piano rose and crushed Jimmy to death against the ceiling. The girlfriend was pinned underneath him for hours but survived.

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