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Minor case repair & beautification

Although I am a professional Piano Tuner/Technician I have had training as a scratch and dent repair craftsman in the past.  If your piano is in need of some minor veneer repair, loose hinges, bench repair or music desk repair I can usually restore them to functional condition while in your home – sometimes at no cost and just part of any minor repair work that I do along with your tuning.  However, at times some repair work – especially extensive veneer repair, or broken legs – are better done by more experienced professionals.  I can recommend several. (See SERVICES / SKILLED PIANO PROFESSIONALS above).

I always carry different shades of scratch-cover liquid and scratch-cover markers and can make a rough-looking piano (and bench) look a lot better.  In addition, I am an authorized distributer for CORY Piano Care Products and they can improve the visual look of almost any piano.   I can also sell CORY Piano Care Products directly to piano owners – ask me about prices. 

Major case repair (refinishing & veneer repair)

A professional piano refinisher can refinish a grand piano without unstringing the piano or removing the cast iron plate. This type of work is done outside your home and it is highly recommended that a piano mover is called to transport the piano to the refinisher. 

​Generally, when a piano owner wants to spend a considerable amount of money refinishing a piano, I suspect that the piano could also benefit from a complete reconditioning, as well.  I would be glad to add my professional opinion, if asked.  Obviously, piano refinishing and piano reconditioning require different skill sets and expertise and it is far better to seek the services of different professionals. 

​This is a job for a professional piano refinisher or furniture refinisher.  If the damaged part is a lid or a part that comes off your piano, the refinisher can easily take it to his or her shop for repair.  This is true even if the damage is to a piano leg.  If the damage is to the case, the refinisher will help determine if moving your piano is necessary.

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